Born from a love of laid-back living by the ocean, Rhode Collective draws inspiration from the musings of idyllic sun soaked days, spontaneous travel and bursting bold color. Rhode Collective is a curated collection of handmade and one of a kind pieces that are proudly handmade in the vibrant countries of Mexico, Guatemala and Bali. 

 Seeking rare artisanal techniques, we aim to create and collect products that reflect the beauty of the places and cultures we travel to. Our products are made by skilled artisans who practice traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. By working with small artisan groups and families we are improving the economic growth for the community and preserving cultural traditions.  

 RC is excited to incorporate sustainable materials into the collective. We are proud to use repurposed & vintage textiles, natural palm, wood and ethically cured leather. All pieces are handpicked or developed by us on our adventures on the road. With each piece being hand made from start to finish, it is important to treat any imperfections as a special gift from its maker.